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Finally here is the update on our big location move that never happened!  Most of 2015 was spent looking for a new home to practice out of since our rental agreement was only until the end of that year.  We discussed so many different ideas, with so many different potential collaborators!  It was exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.

By early summer everyone we had been in discussion with had decided not to move forward on a collaborative space, everyone except for our friends at Tiny TreeHugger! By this time Tarana and Pam had already looked at a number of possible locations, but now that they knew they only needed a space for their two businesses the search was narrowed.  Locations were found, loved and dismissed for many reasons.  One location seemed absolutely perfect, although much bigger than the original plan allowed for, so an offer was put in!   This was so exciting and so terrifying.  It strengthened the bond between Purely Massage and Tiny TreeHugger in a new way. We waited with anticipation to hear a response, only to find out a week later that another offer had been accepted before we had even put ours in!  Learning lesson for sure!

Back to looking for locations, and now with a greater sense of pressure and concern, as time was starting to run out.  In September an incredible opportunity presented itself that would bring together almost all of our early collaborators in a way that made sense.  We were very excited about the prospect of being able to work in a single location that housed so many of our business friends.  The catch?  This location would need a complete overhaul, which was going to be quite a bit pricier than our budget, and wouldn’t be ready until the spring of 2016.  Where would we work for the early months of 2016?  After some conversation it was agreed that Tarana should contact the building manager of the current location at 600 St. Anne’s to see if there was a chance a temporary lease could be obtained.  The response was immediate and confusing!  The building manager said there was a possibility of staying on, and he also wondered how much of the space we were interested in?  Despite the fact that this response was confusing, Tarana replied with “Whatever brilliant idea you have, lay it on us!”

With the reassurance that something could be worked out, we forged ahead with an offer for the new location.  After a lot of back and forth an offer was sent in.  Waiting is always the hardest part.  And we waited, and waited, and waited!  Finally Pam couldn’t take it anymore and sent a follow up email. On October 30th we got a reply to that email saying that the project had been put on hold, but thanks for our interest. Devastating! Now we only had 2 months to secure a location, get permits, do renovations and move.  The stress level was high!

We had looked at a couple of locations nearby that we were not thrilled about, but they were still available, so we took the weekend to talk it all over and Tuesday morning sent an email to our realtor asking him to draft an offer for one of these locations. An hour later the building manager of 600 St. Anne’s stopped by to ask Tarana if she was interested in taking on the lease of a subdivided portion of the space we were already in!

Stunned, she asked for details to be emailed to her and indicated that she was looking for space with Tiny TreeHugger.  The response was; “we have space here, you can stop looking”.  And that was that. A flurry of negotiations later and Tiny TreeHugger was preparing to move into their very own dedicated space on the main floor (Pam’s only real criteria for a new space was that it needed main floor access), and we were staying put! Not only that, the projected space we agreed to included an extra room and waiting area for not much more expense than the two rooms we had been renting!  And NO moving!

The winding path is sometimes frustrating and laborious but in this case it brought us to the perfect destination. We feel a little bit like Dorothy with her red shoes.  It would appear there really is no place like home!

Watch for updates as the renovations are now officially underway!


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