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Within a few weeks of her training as a remedial massage therapist, Tarana fell in love with the human body, it’s amazing structure and physiological functioning.  After two years of intense study, and well over 2200 hours of both classroom study and hands on practical application, Tarana graduated from the program with honours and a passion to be part of restorative, therapeutic wellness.

During the time she was studying at the college, Tarana continued her work as a doula, attending 25 births over those 2 years. This gave her a unique opportunity to see physiology in action!  This only served to deepen her trust in the body’s ability to function when supported in health.  Now she takes great delight in being able to be part of the journey from pregnancy to birth and into the post partum years.  She definitely considers this ‘job’ to be more privilege than work.

In 2014 Tarana began training in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapies. This training has served to deepen her appreciation for the magnitude of the body’s ability to restore and find balance with gentle facilitation. Having traveled both to Oregon and Belize to pursue this training has also proven to be useful in broadening her view and understanding through the eyes of a wider holistic community.
Most recently Tarana has attended a Craniosacral workshop with Carol Gray in Portland, and is eager to return for more training and understanding of this important modality.

Tarana also teaches infant massage classes and offers one on one consultations. This is in an effort to not only support bonding between parents and their newborn children, but also to be a part of the movement towards proactive healthcare and wellness maintenance for the next generation.  Check the schedule to find out when the next series starts, or email Tarana directly to set up a private consultation to learn how to provide nurturing touch to your baby.

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Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed

Storm Jameson

As a result of a broad and thorough training program, I have the opportunity to use many different techniques during a treatment, or just one.  Each treatment is unique, because you are unique. There will be times when you will need me to focus on a specific issue or area of the body and there will be times when your body needs to be soothed.  With honest and open communication, we will find the ‘style’ that works for you!

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