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Getting to Here

Payge managed a retail store called Natural Skin and Hair for a number of years. It was during that time period that the world of alternative medicine was opened up to her. During her time managing the store she acquired a deep knowledge about vitamins, herbs and natural medicine. She was able to see the benefits of paying attention to the physiologic make up of the human body when working towards optimum health.
As her knowledge base expanded, Payge felt drawn to learn more about how the body works, and to become a more vital participant in the health and wellness of the people she was coming into contact with. This eventually led her to return to college and immerse herself in the remedial massage therapy program at a local college.

Payge has a practical approach to health and wellness. During her time in college she really appreciated learning how to help people introduce physical activity into their daily lives. She called it “real fitness for real folks”. She believes that exercise, or increased activity, can be started at any age, or fitness level, even if someone has had no experience in this at all.

With her background in nutrition and a keen interest in introducing physical activity into people’s lives, becoming a Registered Massage Therapist has been the perfect solution for her need to support health and wellness. Payge believes that if you feel good in your body, you are more likely to work at continuing or improving that feeling. A well done massage therapy treatment can be just what a body needs to turn towards health.

During the time that Payge was in college and since becoming a busy massage therapist, while being a mother of two young children, she has come to realize the powerful benefit of taking a pause in our busy lives to focus on ourselves. She really enjoys the time she spends providing both therapeutic and relaxation treatments to our pregnant, and postnatal clients. Being able to be part of that ‘restorative pause’ for a fellow parent is truly rewarding.


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Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in.
Jim Rohn

As an individual who became an RMT and physically active later in life, my mission is to support total body wellness to everyone, especially those who may have also had a late start in moving towards a physically active and healthful lifestyle.



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