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Maxing out Your Benefits

Are you scrambling at the end of every insurable year to use up all your massage benefits? Wouldn’t it be nice to space it out and receive massage therapy throughout the year?
If you have $350 in coverage we should be seeing you every 11 weeks.
If you have $500 in coverage we should be seeing you every 8 weeks.
Ask us to help you figure out how to use your insurance coverage most effectively!

  • Referral Program

    #1We are an independent, locally owned business. This means our clients matter to us! We appreciate your support and want to show that appreciation in a real way. The best way to stay in business is to grow through word of mouth and referral. To say thank you for your trust and confidence we will apply a $5.00 credit to your account to apply to your next treatment. Ask us for referral cards to hand out and maybe you will save up enough credit for a free massage!
  • Gift Certificates

    #2 Looking for the perfect gift for someone special?
    We have gift certificates for that! You can send us an email and arrange payment and pick up or we will mail the gift certificate(s) for you. They can be customized to your needs.

Did You Know?

One hour of massage therapy feels like seven hours of sleep to your body!

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, come find us and follow us! We run the occasional special and share last minute openings and tips on those forums. We promise not to be one of those annoying pages that posts something every ten minutes! If you have been coming to us for treatments during your pregnancy and have now had your baby, we would love to see a photo! Just tag us or email us. Facebook_300x300


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