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Our Intention, Your Wellness

We believe that your health and wellness begin with you.  It is our belief that massage therapy is an effective and powerful modality that can be used to achieve a state of mind and physical balance, that supports the pursuit of optimum health and wellness.  Whether you are seeking relief from discomfort due to an injury, biomechanical imbalance, physiological disorder or every day stress, it is our desire to assist you in finding the path to balance.  When appropriate we may suggest adding other therapeutic modalities, exercises, stretches, and even diet adjustments.  We want to be a part of your wellness program!



In the spirit of a cooperative working environment, we welcome other small business owners to practice their trade in our space.

You can find Grow Photography working from our studio room, capturing those precious early moments of newborn life.




A Meeting of Minds and Hearts

While in college studying to become a remedial massage therapists, I had the privilege of learning alongside Dina and Paye.  It was there that our strong bonds were forged.

Dina joined my class in the second term, only a few months after having arrived in Canada.  We connected quickly and found many things in common.  Dina served as an inspiration to everyone as she conquered her studies while learning a new language.  As graduation grew closer it became obvious to us both that we shared the same vision for our clients and for ourselves as therapists.

Payge was also a classmate, and during that time we forged what we knew then would be a forever bond.  We would often study together, sparking ideas and prodding each other to excel.  Many late nights were spent on the phone dreaming up dreams.  What a gift to have been able to actualize some of those ‘pie in the sky’ ideas and to find ourselves building the massage practice we dreamed of together!

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to work together as a team.  We consider ourselves very fortunate and we think it shows!

Tarana Wheelwright, RMT

Founder/Owner of purely Massage


You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.